City Travel Hotel near Burnham

City Travel Hotel in Baguio has elegant rooms with a lot of amenities to offer. The hotel is famous for their affordable rates. Amogn the highlights of this hotel are a bar and Restaurant to keep you full and spirited. The hotel is true to the full baguio experience where you get to known teh culture and heritage, plus the fun factors that come with it.

City Travel Hotel is located right across Burnham park – the most visited park in the summer capital of the Philippines. The service of teh staff are nice and will always be there to keep you happy.


City Travel Hotel Features

  • electronic door lock system for extra security
  • telephone service
  • cable television
  • 24 hours running hot and cold water with bath tub
  • bar and restaurant


Standard Room

City Travel Hotel

The simplest room in the hotel. Clean and elegant. There is a king sized bed, or 2 separate single beds. There are connecting rooms available, the rooms have a bath tub with hot and cold running water.

Deluxe Room

City Travel Hotel

The De Luxe Room is simple, beautiful and wonderful to share. These rooms are carpeted.  There is a king sized bed, or 2 separate single beds. Burnham park is just aruond the corner and you will always be ready. The bath tub is always ready to refresh you. Hot and Cold water are of course available.

Family Suite Jr.

City Travel Hotel

This room is as you guessed it, a not so big, but wonderful all the more, family room. If you are a not so big family, with really cool parents who want to absolutely spend the time in baguio and bond, then this is the room for you. There is a king sized bed adn a double deck. Bath tub adn hot and cold water are still available.

Family Suite

City Travel Hotel

A bigger Family Suite Junior. If you can;t fit, at teh last room, then try this one. Same hotel, a bigger room, a lot more fun and more bonding time. Enjoy your stay in Baguio with a bigger room , enjoy your time with your faimly and friends. Wreck havoc. Have fun. Live life.

Executive Suite

City Travel Hotel

This suite is nice to enjoy with friends. This is a big room that you can enjoy, perfect for business trips and prolonged trip that will make you very comfortable.

Presidential Suite

City Travel Hotel

This is the flagship room of the hotel. If you want to travel like a rock star – then this is for you. The room is carpeted with a king sized bed and a single bed. There’s a jacuzzi and hot and cold shower. A fine place to stay, perfect for you.

Contact City Travel Hotel

Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:  (074) 445-0456,  (074) 445-0457
Mobile Phone Numbers:  0917-506-5067 / 0922-8168-672

City Travel Hotel Address

Complete Address:  15 Kisad Road (Across Burnham Park), Baguio City 2600, Philippines