Forest House Baguio Hotel and Restaurant

Forest House Baguio is a concept that captures the best sides of the city. If you want an escape to a quiet breeze in the highlands, then you can just sit back in this cozy place, sip your wine or coffee, or beer perhaps and spend a night of peace and quiet. This is the place to gather your old friends, some relatives you haven’t seen in a long while, and perhaps your loved family.

This place embraces the cold Gaguio climate, and of course offers then a warm cozy and homey appeal – the feeling of cradling to your mama’a cooking may be the best to describe it. The place also offers a lot culture and arts. Music will continue to serenade you, from classics, rock and roll, standards – name it, they probably have it somewhere.

The Restaurant is the main attraction. This is a full pledged restaurant – lots of started, mount watering main courses – and really really nice ambiance. The pine wood paneling is a really nice motif, and clearly captures the ambiance of the highlands.

The Rooms are nice and also very clean and elegant. They are not the fanciest places of all, but definitely a home you’d want to come to.


  • Restaurant
  • Contemporary
  • Homey and cozy
  • firepalce
  • affordable
  • Great Food
  • Wonderful rooms
  • in the city
  • very accessible

Forest House Baguio Accommodations

The accommodations are all wonderfully furnished with great bedding. This is reminiscent of country style living and are all too comfortable. The pines are absolutely outstanding and are very much carrying all the appeal aside from the good food and hospitality of course.

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Contact Forest House Baguio

Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:
(074) 447 -04 – 59
(074) 304 -45 – 53
Mobile Phone Numbers:

Forest House Baguio Address

Complete Address:
16 Loakan Road, Baguio City