Gilberto’s Hotel

Gilberto’s Hotel Review

Gilberto’s Hotel is resort located at Baguio .

The resort is also close to some of the best food locations in Baguio .One can easily go food tripping to places like The Tasting Room at Baguio Craft Brewery,Cafe Sabel and Marosan’s.

For an extended adventure in Baguio you can also drive around the place. Local tourist spots less than an hour drive from the resort are Burnham Park,Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral and Mount Costa.

Gilberto’s Hotel Features

Top Resort Features:

Gilberto’s Hotel Accommodations

There are 35 rooms in the resort / hotel for overnight stay.Please be sure to have a reservation for your planned stay. Walk – ins, especialy those that want to stay overnight, may not be accommodated during peak seasons.

Things you may want to know when booking:
  • Additional activities include a swimming pool, perfect for the tropical appeal.
  • Internet connection are of course free.
  • Breakfast is included in the room rates.
  • A swimming pool is available in the resort/hotel. This is the perfect treat for a summer hot sun.
  • The accommodation of this hotel are all air-conditioned.
  • Guests will definitely like the bar and the lounging, spend your afternoons here, or just stay while waiting for the group to get ready for your tours.
  • Start your day right with the inclusive breakfast.
  • The place also offers food through the restaurant. You may want to check this out before venturing to another place.
  • Safe and free parking is of course available.
  • Contact Details

    Address: 86 Upper Genaral Luna Road, Baguio, Luzon 2600, Philippines

    If you own Gilberto’s Hotel Please contact us and let us know for any issues regading the information below. We would like to hear from you. You can also give us more details about the resort and we would gladly update our files.