Hotel 45 Baguio towering above Session road

Hotel 45 Baguio is one good place to stay when in the city of pines. Baguio city is one of the premiere vacation spots in the Pilippines. Thsi is due to different reasons. One may be the unique landscape of a city high up in the mountains – then there are a other interesting things: The food culture in nice, the art scene is majestic and the cool ambiance, the american and idigenous heritage. All in all Baguio provides a vacation – and it can be enjoyed with Hotel 45 Baguio.

Hotel 45 Baguio Features

Hotel 45 Baguio is located in teh city center, but still providing the best views. The hotel is inside the commercial district, and the entertainment district as well. This is just a walking distance from SM city Baguio in case you want to buy something. The thing is, because baguio is not as big, you can tour the city in just a day. When most of the tourist areas are just a walking distance, then you have some more time enjoying rather. These are the tourist destination near teh hotel: Burnham Park, Session Road and Baguio Cathedral.

As for the accommodations, the rooms are spacious and very affordable. The establishment is very secure with the cctv coverage and teh ssecurity personnel.

Hotel 45 Baguio Hotel 45 Baguio top hotel 45 baguio reception hotel 45 baguio view

Hotel 45 Baguio Accommodations

Children below 7 years of age are free of charge.

The check out time is 12:00 NN.

Matrimonial Bed (1 Person) Php900 Php1,100 Php1,200
Matrimonial Bed (2persons) Php1,100 Php1,300 Php1,500
2 Single Bed or Twin Bed (2persons) Php1,100 Php1,400 Php1,700
Matrimonial Bed and Single Bed (3persons) Php1,300 Php1,600 Php2,000
Family Room 1 (8 Persons) Php3,800 Php4,300 Php4,800
Family Room 2 (6 Persons) Php3,300 Php3,800 Php4,300
Family Room 3 (4 Persons) Php2,700 Php3,300 Php3,700

The prices may change 


Aircon Php200 Php200 Php300
Extra Bed Or Additional occupants Php200 Php300 Php400
Towels Php10.00
Pillows Php10.00
Blankets Php20.00
Bedsheets Php15.00
Comforters Php50.00

* prices per night, and are subject to change

Contact Hotel 45 Baguio

Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:  446-6306 or 422-3821
Mobile Phone Numbers:  0917-700-8805

Hotel 45 Address

Complete Address:  Bagong Bayan St., Brgy. Salud mitra Baguio City