Hotel Henrico Kisad of Baguio City

Hotel Henrico Kisad  offers clear blue skies and a whole lot of happiness for your stay in Baguio. The foggy afternoon and the romance in the air is a sign that you have fallen in love with Baguio.  This accommodation offer budget prices for a fair amount of comfort and elegance. It is of course the warm hospitality that gives you the most comfort through the cold Baguio nights.

Hotel Henrico Kisad  was opened to the public in 2006 and has since been a solid place to check out since. This is the kind of place people who enjoy the buzz of the city tend to go to.  This is a place of convenience to the different places to visit in Baguio, This will confront your list of things to buy head on since this is in the city.

 Hotel Henrico Kisad Features

  • Family Room
  • Standard Rooms
  • Coffee Shop
  • Elevator and
  • Laundry Service/Dry Cleaning
  • Room Service for convenience
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Safety Deposit Boxes

Accommodations in Kisad

Standard Double : A nice and clean room. 

Hotel Henrico Kisad

Standard Family: This is nice if you are traveling with a group of family / friends. The best are in close proximity with each other and will be a true bonding experience. 

Hotel Henrico Kisad


Standard Quad – sharing room. fair for all. The rooms has 2 beds. This is good for a family with 2 kids. Very fun and elegant. 

Hotel Henrico Kisad

Contact Hotel Henrico Kisad

Contact Person:  Hery Pan Lao,  General Manager
Telephone Numbers:  074-4243400,  074-4243500
Mobile Phone Numbers:

Hotel Henrico Kisad  Address

Complete Address:  Kisad Road, Baguio City