Ibay Zion Hotel Baguio

Ibay Zion Hotel offers guests with 29 different hotel rooms. This hotel is located in Mines View – a very popular place in Baguio, one of the prime tourist spots in the city. The hotel provides a nice array of comfort that will make your stay quite memorable.

Ibay Zion Hotel can be easily located and is accessible through the city’s best commercial and tourist spots. The tourist spots near the hotel are: Wright Park, Camp John Hay, Good Shepherd convent, Baguio Country club, The Mansion, Botanical Garden and Pacdal Church.

This establishment also provide very good pricing. The rates are quite good and fair, if you include their nice service, than it becomes quite the place to stay.

Breakdown of the accommodations:

  • 6 bachelor’s pad
  • 1 Junior Suite
  • 2 De Luxe Suites
  • 7 Family Suites
  • 13 Dorm type accommodation

All of the rooms above are well furnished. They are very convenient, and will suit your needs. Ibay also operates a silver shop, a convenience store, a restaurant, water refilling station and an internet cafe. The hotel now becomes a one stop shop for everything you need in Baguio.

Function Rooms, a Separate Dining Area and Kitchen Area.


  • Ibay’s Silver Shop
  • Internet Cafe
  • Convenience Store
  • Restaurant
  • Function Room
  • Water Refiling Station
  • Beauty Salon


All Rooms have Hot and cold running water, ceilign fan.

Bachelor’s Pad: Php 1580, Php 250 for an extra bed, The room has 1 king sized bed ( other rooms may have 2 double or single beds ). This is good for 2 to 4 guests.

ibays zion apartelle


Junior Suite: Php 2,280.00/day, and Php 250.00/extra bed

junior suite 1


De Luxe Suite: Php 3,980.00/day, and Php 250.00/extra bed, this is good for up to 6 presons. There are 2 complimentary breakfast.

Ibay Zion Hotel


Family Suite: Php 6,680.00/day, and Php 250.00/extra bed, this comes with a living area, 1 master bedroom, only 2 complimentary breakfast though.

Ibay Zion Hotel


Dormitory Rooms – These accommodations have a common toilet and bath. The room rates can be Php 300 per head up to Php 980 per day. Some rooms have up to 12 persons capacity.

Ibay Zion Hotel


Contact Ibay Zion Hotel

Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:  (6374) 444-8807 / 424-3382 / 444-8899
Mobile Phone Numbers:  (63) 9209175944
Email:  info@ibayzionhotel.com
Website:  http://ibayzionhotel.com/

Ibay Zion Hotel Address

Complete Address:  Ibay Zion Plaza, Mines View, Baguio City 2600